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Why khoj?

Khoj (खोज), a Hindi term which translates to 'quest', 'search' or 'find' in English, was conceived and subsequently designed to be your one stop destination for customized, end to end solutions, which efficiently and effectively caters to all your research requirements. 

With expertise in end user experience research, we at Khoj bring to the table in-depth and broad based experience in the research of UX, UI, User Journeys, User Behavior, Persona Mapping, Usability Testing, Diary Studies, Quantitative Studies, Product & Concept Testing, Cognitive Testing etc.

Our strength has and continues to be our experience and understanding of research goals and cultural context. This, further enhanced by our flexibility and agility to adapt to unpredictable circumstances, especially when in the field, ensures that the research goals and objectives set out at the beginning are achieved as desired and as planned.

Building on the foundation of human interactions, the use of latest technological solutions, including but not limited to mobile usability labs, translation gear, video and audio systems help us observe, capture and present insights and data in a way that is both efficient, effective and meaningful.

André Unger,

UX Researcher, Founder & Director

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