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Remote Online Research

With state-of-the-art, tried and tested tools / software / systems we are fully equipped to help you conduct much needed and important research remotely, supported by deliverables of a quality similar to that received during

in-person research sessions


Every project is unique in its own way. At Khoj we recognise this fact and help you meticulously plan every single detail that goes into making a study and its execution a success. 


From helping define the recruitment criteria to finding matching profiles on the ground, our recruitment team leaves no stone unturned. Vetting shortlisted profiles in advance helps ensure we meet the kind of people you intend to. 

In-depth Interviews

In-depth interviews, in a controlled lab setting, helps explore and achieve research objectives, while being able to observe and record the end user behavior and reactions to your product, concepts and/or prototypes.

Focus Group Interviews

Focus groups are a useful approach when you wish to explore and understand your users’ perceptions and attitude towards your product/service.

This is often paired with other research approaches to gather high quality insights.



While Dyads/Triads give us an in road into the most basic & fundamental social groups, multigenerational interactions also often reveal the social impact on a user's adaptation outlook and behaviour towards your product/service.

Diary Studies

Self-reported qualitative data, about participant/user behaviors, activities, and experiences, collected over an extended period of time, can help form or improve the framework of your service or product. The data collected is rich, personal, and often multimedia - which makes it particularly impactful.

Rolling Research

Rolling research is a quick, easy and flexible way to increase product/concept exposure and related insights. This is achieved through ongoing/regularly scheduled research sessions (weekly to monthly).

Being lightweight and flexible, this helps establish a steady stream of answers to your questions, enabling quick product development.

Quantitative Studies

Use a deductive approach to test theories or objective stances by quantifying the collection and analysis of data which could be further strengthened by other qualitative research approaches.

Usability & Product Testing

If the objective of your research is to test, evaluate, explore how users/potential users interact with your product/prototype, usability testing is the solution.

With the ability to record and capture every nuance we ensure you and your team do not miss any important insight that could make all the difference.

Concept Testing

Concept testing helps you evaluate your user's/potential user's reaction to and/or acceptance of a new idea even before its introduction to the larger market.

Cognitive Testing

If your goal is to test and/or improve survey questions, cognitive testing is the answer. Observing and analyzing how participants understand/interpret questions/instructions helps uncover problems and find improvements, thereby ensuring better engagement and informed responses to surveys.

In-home Interviews/

Rural Visits

In-home interviews not only allows you & your team to immerse yourself into the users environment but also experience & capture, first hand, the users’ emotions and perceptions of your product/service, in the context of their environment and culture.

Street Intercepts

Street intercepts is a good way to step out and explore questions, thoughts or ideas about your product/service or just about anything, with your users/potential users, in a real world scenario.

 Cultural Immersions

What better way to understand a market than to surround and immerse oneself in it's culture. At Khoj, we make it possible for you and your team to be introduced to unique experiences that often open doors to a deeper understanding of an unfamiliar place/market.

User Bootcamps

What better way to introduce your teams to cultural nuances & user centric behavior of India, as a key market & its people than through a

focused & planned exposure, employing a combination of interviews & immersion activities (with real users), tailor designed keeping in mind your organization, product & business objectives, either remotely or in person.

Simultaneous Translations

Research interviews, in the local languages, are often only as good as what is relayed back to you and your team.

With an experienced team of simultaneous translators we ensure that you not only get to hear whats being said, but also get to feel the emotion behind what's being said.

Debriefs & Workshops

With a deep understanding of the cultural and regional nuances, we at Khoj will help you and your team read between the lines and make sense of covert findings  gathered during the course of the study and help convert them into actionable insights.

Customize your study

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