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What makes some apps succeed?

In an age where there is an app for just about anything and everything and where apps are competing aggressively, with each other, for same market share, success is not served on a platter.

What is it then that makes some apps succeed and others not?

A closer look at a few on either side of the divide, makes the reasons apparent.

A successful app is one that:

  • is designed to cater to a nascent need of a considerable mass of population. Adoption has a domino effect, positively impacting growth

  • has a limited set of offerings with a clear value proposition, rather than the opposite

  • is designed keeping the user and his/her behaviour in mind, rather than trying to alter it drastically

  • allows a user to experience, firsthand, the offerings without having to commit to the app upfront eg. Youtube

  • makes registration simple and easy enough so that one can do it himself/herself and is motivated enough to help others who can't (for any reason)

  • appears to be safe and secure

  • is transparent while collecting user information. Users are not averse to sharing information so long as they understand why they are being asked to do so and what would be done with the information shared

  • incentivises sharing of user information, at stagnated intervals, rather than everything upfront eg. exchange of a particular piece of information in order to use a particular feature

  • is uncluttered, easy to navigate and use

  • has tools to cater to users across the literacy as well as digital literacy spectrum

  • offers something that no other app does, or a better version of what other apps do

While recognizing one's niche and focussing on bettering services often differentiates between good apps and the not so good ones, identifying one's users and respecting their sentiments is the much needed +1 in a market where a user is more than just a marketable statistic and whose patronage is something never to be taken for granted.

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